Release date: February 10, 2012
Version #: PaaS.S.20120210.

New Features:

To comply with the requirements with the upcoming Shopping Cart integration the following nodes are added to the base API platform:
  • The following nodes are added:
    • Node: Transaction
      • TransactionTax: Tax associated with the entire transaction.
      • ChargeDate: The date for the transaction to be processed. A transaction may be made at anytime with the processing date in the future. Upon the initial transaction the card will be verified with a $0 transaction and on the ChargeDate the full amount will be processed.
      • CustomParameters: Custom questions & answers may be added for each transaction.
      • ReferenceTransaction: Cards may be charged for any amount using a previous ReferenceTransaction
      • GiftCardList: Gift Card(s) applied to the transaction. Gift Card values will be deducted from the total
    • Node: OrderItem
      • CouponCode
      • CustomParameters
      • CustomFieldList