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Release 3.5: Free Electronic Ticketing and Name Badges

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  • Release 3.5: Free Electronic Ticketing and Name Badges

    Release Date: December 8, 2008

    Click & Pledge Adds Free Electronic Ticketing and Name Badges

    BLACKSBURG, VA. December 9, 2008 – Click & Pledge has developed a way to create free, electronic, bar-coded ticketing and name badges for its customer base of nonprofits, political campaigns and similar organizations, according to Company President Dr. Kami Razvan.

    “Almost universally, organizations of all kinds use name badges, and many of our nonprofits customers require ticketing to events,” Dr. Razvan stated. “The problems nonprofits must solve are that custom ticketing is expensive to deliver and that creating name badges is time-consuming and cumbersome,” he said. “These new products will save time and money,” according to Razvan, “and deliver a superior product.”

    Creating a custom ticket and name badge is now a simple online task using Trio, the Click & Pledge suite of online fundraising software. The free service allows customers to accept an order for a ticket, process the payment online, issue an email receipt, create a personalized name badge and ticket, and enter the data into a password-protected database.

    Designed for any size organization, the products may be as simple as a name on a badge or as sophisticated as scanning name badges and tickets for lead generation at a convention. The tickets and name badges are delivered in a PDF format.

    Each ticket and name badge may be bar-coded in one dimension (1d) or two dimensions (2d) depending on the required information desired on the products. This allows information important to the organization to be imprinted automatically on the tickets and name badges. Scanning provides for quick identification, authorization and database storage. Organizations may also ask custom questions, for example meal preference, that may be bar-coded or printed on each name badge and ticket.

    Customers may purchase simple barcode scanning hardware at any office supply retailer. Soon, wireless barcode scanning will also be available through Click & Pledge by adding software to a handheld mobile device that turns a touchpad cell phone into a bar-code scanner.

    About Click & Pledge

    The Company provides software-as-a-service to enable nonprofits and similar organizations to be effective and efficient in online fundraising. Located in Blacksburg, VA, the Company serves over 7,500 customers in 45 countries. To find out more, call (540) 961-9811 or visit
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