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Release 4.17: Batch Upload, Embedded Virtual Terminal, and more

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  • Release 4.17: Batch Upload, Embedded Virtual Terminal, and more

    Release date: January 23, 2012
    Version number: 4.17

    Only versions 4.x may be upgraded to version 4.17. If you are using versions prior to 4.x code-base please contact Click & Pledge for help with upgrade. Please note that version 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x are no longer supported and it is highly recommended that all versions upgrade to 4.x code base immediately.

    New Features:
    • C&P Settings
      • Provisions for the Non-Profit Starter Pack (NPSP)
      • Transaction / Opportunity stage setting
      • Contact Role customization
      • Virtual Terminal customization and default setting
    • Virtual Terminal
      • Batch processing: Excel files may be used for batch uploading of transactions
      • Transactions based on future date: A transaction may be set up for a future processing. The credit card will be authorized using $0 pre-authorization request and charged for the full amount at the set date.
      • Optional send receipt: By default all transactions will send a receipt to the card holder. No receipt option will not send receipts. This option is also available as part of the batch upload.
    • Optimization
    The code has been optimized for organizations with large number of records. All organizations are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

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