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Announcing Salesforce PaaS Spring 21 Update

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  • Announcing Salesforce PaaS Spring 21 Update

    Release Date: April 06, 2021
    Version #: 9.2104250027

    To request update please grant "Click & Pledge Support" access, through an Admin User, for 1 week and post your request, including your Salesforce OrganizationId to:

    • Compatibility update with Salesforce Spring '21 API
    • Salesforce's State and Country/Territory Picklists Compatibility
    • Security compatibility update with Spring '21 standards and changes
    • Resolved an issue when more than 200 autoresponders are present. [Yes! we have a client with over 200 autoresponders.. how they can possibly keep track of it.. is beyond me)
    • Auto trimming the opportunity name when more than 80 chars
    • Temporary Contact potential match disabled when more than 100 scheduled jobs are present. [& yes.. the issue was reported by a client that has created more than 100 jobs]
    • Assigning the required permissions to the default record owner of the Site guest user, through, "C&P Settings >> Maintenance >> Assign Permission to the Guest User"
    • Data Repost / Re-process and maintenance deletion of an order number will now delete the associated C&P Contact Alias.
    • Addition of a new field to the "C&P Autoresponder Log Details" for Order Number. This field is a TEXT field to help with deletion of transactions and orders, allowing for tracking of already sent Autoresponders.
    • To avoid errors, when proper permissions are not assigned to the user, the Process button for the C&P Temporary Contact page will be hidden with a message indicating which permission sets are missing. The user processing the C&P Temporary Contact has to have the following permission sets assigned:
      • Either PS-CnP-PaaS-ONLY-TemporaryContact OR PS-CnP-PaaS-All-Permissions
      • Standard object permissions for the following objects: Contact, Account, Campaign, Opportunity, Product, Price Book.
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