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Salesforce Donor Management Release: Winter 21 Update

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  • Salesforce Donor Management Release: Winter 21 Update

    Release Date: December 17, 2020
    Version #: 9.2012240006

    To Upgrade: Please submit a free upgrade request in the upgrade channel: [& make sure to include your Salesforce Organization Id and grant Click & Pledge Support access for a week]

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is required for instances that use the Autoresponder or Event. Releases prior to this release will no longer be able send email since the provider has been updated to enhance stability.

    New Features:
    • C&P Settings > Opportunity > Create an Opportunity for Reversals (Default value unchecked): If checked, a negative opportunity will be created for the net amount credited transaction. For disputed transactions that have incurred a fee by the gateway, an opportunity will be created with a negative amount for the charged fee. The opportunities are created when the gateway deposit information posts to Salesforce. Stages for both of these opportunities are set as customized in the C&P Settings > Opportunity > Stage section.
    • Autoresponder may be set to not send email to contacts who have opted out of receiving email. A new field has been added to the Autoresponder setting with the label "Do Not Send Email if Opt Out. The Contact > Email Opt-Out field will be checked by the Autoresponder and if the field is checked, the Autoresponder will not be sent. The value for this field for all existing Autoresponders is set to Un-checked for backward compatibility. See the suggestion here:
    • Compatibility with the latest Double The Donation (DTD) 360MatchPro: Integration with DTD has changed due to the company's product update. The free integration no longer works as the company has stopped offering the feature. Organizations interested in using the DTD matching gift features need to apply for the 360MatchPro product. For pricing & setting up an account please contact Double the Donation for details. Once the DTD account has been set up please go to the CONNECT 3rd Party integration and re-establish the Salesforce connection. Read more:
    • C&P Settings >> Virtual Terminal >> Payment Methods >> Payment Methods >> Card On-File: The new feature allows for hiding the Card-on-File from the Virtual Terminal when processing a transaction. Organizations have asked for this feature so their volunteers cannot use the feature when processing credit cards.
    Enhancements & Updates
    • Enhancing post-installation steps by automating majority of the steps through the Settings > Maintenance feature.
    • Settings >> Maintenance >> Assign permission to the Guest User: The new enhancement makes assigning permissions to the site guest user easier when a new site is created.
    • Switching the email provider to enhance stability. The switch requires all instances that use event registration email or Autoresponder to upgrade immediately. Prior releases will no longer be able to send emails.
    • Bug fixes & UI enhancements
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