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Release 4.11: Embedded Virtual Terminal and more customization

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  • Release 4.11: Embedded Virtual Terminal and more customization

    Release date: December 26, 2011
    Version #: 4.11

    The Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) Release 4.11 offers a number of new functionalities as well as customization settings that will help developers and end users with managing payments & financial transactions.To install please use the following link since the version currently available in the appExchange is not up-to-date. Salesforce has not yet released version 4.x for appExchange.The following is a list of the new features.

    Embedded Virtual Terminal (eVT)

    The eVT is designed with programmers & developers in mind. The embedded payment forms may be designed and deployed in any application, internal or external and controlled through a series of parameters that may be passed through the URL. Values will be posted back as XML and processed like other payments. Application, Version number, and ID will further help developers identify transactions posted through the forms for further actions.

    For a complete listing of the parameters & features please see the manual:

    C&P Settings
    • Do NOT create new Account for new Contacts
    • Opportunity Settings
      • Create Contact Role for each Opportunity [Select Role]
      • Stage
        [*=1]Invoice Transactions
        [*=1]Purchase Order Transactions
        [*=1]Free Transactions
    • Virtual Terminal
      • The default value for all fields may be set for all users. Disabling update will prevent users from changing the default values.
      • User permission may be set to block user from using the look-up feature of the Virtual Terminal.

    Compatibility with the Non-Profit Starter Pack
    • Do NOT create new Account for new Contacts: Since NPSP creates a new account for each new Contact disabling this feature will prevent duplicate Account creation.
    • Addition of ContactID to the “ContactID for Role” field in the Contact record. This field is an addition of the NPSP and if installed every new transaction will add the ContactID record to the NPSP field.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

    Join us @ the educational webinars:
    Live Support- read more: