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Salesforce Event Update: Spring '20 Release

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  • Salesforce Event Update: Spring '20 Release

    Release Date: March 31, 2020
    Version: 5.2004120014

    Free upgrade assistance available. Please grant "Click & Pledge Support" access and post your request to: Please include your Salesforce Organization ID with your post. One last request- in response to COVID-19 requirements, our team is working from home with "home-like" internet connectivity. We will do our best to finish all requests in a timely manner but it may take a bit longer than normal. We ask that you please be patient as we move through all requests. Thank you.

    Release Notes:
    • Registrations > Registrant detailed page> Issue Credit: Prior to this release expired cards could not be credited as it was assumed that the credit will not work. Some issuing banks allow for expired cards to be credited and while it is not possible to know with 100% certainty which cards allow for credit to be issued when expired, trying to issue credit will either authorize or decline.
    • Cosmetic: Addition of Swiper1 start & end date to the Swiper1 Access page.
    • Addressing the Google Chrome SameSite cookie behavior change. See note:
    • Optimization for Salesforce Spring '20 release. Security provisions included to block injected scripts.
    • Compatibility update with API version 4.0
    • Additional permissions added to the Site Guest User permission set to accommodate the new Salesforce security features.
    • Salesforce Site's new "Site Guest User Default Owner" field will pass to the transaction as the "Processed By" user.
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