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Announcing CONNECT Recurring Frequency Based Payment Options

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  • Announcing CONNECT Recurring Frequency Based Payment Options

    Release Date: March 11, 2020


    New Campaign Feature video highlight is included in the above link.

    New Features:
    • Payment item name(s) & value(s) may be set based on the recurring payment frequency. One-time payment options may have different sets of values versus monthly or other frequencies.
    • Payments may be set to process on a date in future. A patron may set the payment to process later. Schedule may be set for a set date (May 4, 2020), or several dates (May 1, May 15, June 1, June 15, etc.) or a range of dates (May 4, 2020 – July 1, 2020). The patron will only be able to set the processing date for his/her payment on the pre-set dates. Payment scheduling is not available when eCheck/ACH is selected, due to NACHA regulations.
    • Compatibility with the latest API release.
    • Various UI updates & enhancements
    • The selection of recurring options has been moved to the top of the payment item values since recurring selection may be set to change the amounts. This is only in the default campaign as well as new forms. Please make sure to move the recurring selection to the top of the form, before the payment selection, if the amounts are set to be changed based on the recurring. Existing forms will not be changed by default as part of this update. Updating the form is left to the organization as it is a customization feature.
    Advanced Features:
    • LIFT campaigns work only with the one-time payments and will not update the customized frequency-based recurring amounts.
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