Release Date: September 5, 2008

We are pleased to announce release 3.4. This release provides expansion of existing features as well as introducing new features. These features are now active within your account.

You may take advantage of them immediately.

In-House Account Modifications:

Release 3.3 enabled you to display your organization’s name directly on your patron’s’ card statement. We call this feature a Dynamic Descriptor. By having your organization’s name (or other descriptive text) on the card statement, you greatly reduce the probability of disputes and/or chargebacks.

To edit your Dynamic Descriptor, follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your Trio payment system account.
  2. Click on Account Info (upper right-hand corner of your dashboard). This will take you to “Your Profile tab.”
  3. Under Account Information, find the “Credit Card Statement Name” field. Select “EDIT.”
  4. Edit the field and click on “UPDATE.”
Release 3.4 includes two Dynamic Descriptor modifications:
  1. Increased Credit Card Statement Text: Your organization now has 25 characters available to list your organization’s name, etc. This is a 5-character increase from the 20 characters previously offered. [Account Info>Your Profile>Credit Card Statement Name]
  2. Customize Credit Card Statement Text for each Catalogue Page: You may provide a short descriptive text (e.g., an event title or fundraising campaign) that will show on patron’s credit card statement for each Catalogue Page. If the field is left blank, the Credit Card Statement Name from the Your Profile area will be used. [Checkout page (select pencil icon to edit)>Build Checkout>Settings>Credit Card Statement Name]
All Accounts (In-House and Merchant Accounts):

New Catalogue Page Features:
  1. “Welcome! Select Your Items” text is customizable: You may customize this text for each checkout page. This field is called “Page Welcome” (follow path below). If the field is left blank, the default text: “Welcome! Select Your Items” will be shown. [Checkout Page (select the pencil icon to edit)>Build Checkout>Customize>Page Welcome]
  2. “Showcase Item” text is customizable: If you choose to display a product as a Showcase Item, you may customize the “Showcase Item” text. If the field is left blank the default text: “Showcase Item” will be shown. [Checkout Page (select the pencil icon to edit)>Build Checkout>Customize>Section Names>Showcase Section Label]
Catalogue Page Modifications:
  1. “Been Here Before?” Feature Optional: The “Been Here Before?” feature allows patrons to have their account information saved for subsequent transactions. Now organizations may disable this feature. [Checkout Page (select the pencil icon to edit)>Build Checkout>Customize>Been Here Before?]
  2. $0 items: Until this upgrade, patrons with a $0 balance were asked to enter a check number during the checkout process. Patrons will no longer see this field, which will eliminate possible confusion.
  3. Receipts include Purchase Order and Check Numbers: Email receipts will now show Purchase Order numbers and check numbers on the HTML, email and the PDF formats.