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Announcing 3.2 Release

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  • Announcing 3.2 Release

    Release Date: July 6, 2008

    3.2 release includes many enhancements to existing features as well as integration with Salesforce.

    New Features:
    • Your organization name will appear on patron credit card statements. Transaction will show as C&P: your account name/profile (20 character limit).
    • SalesforceŽ Integration. If you have a SalesforceŽ account your Trio payment system’s patron information will automatically be sent and synchronized. To activate this feature in your Trio payment administrative system go to Account Info/3rd Party/Salesforce.
    Feature Changes:
    • Classic & Friendly designs (easyPages)
      • Notification email may be customized for each easyPage design. This feature was already available in Catalogue Pages. By default your transaction receipts are emailed to your account administrator. If you customize your notification email, your transaction receipts will be emailed to your notification email list.
      • The receipt header information for each easyPage is now customizable. The receipt header information is the text that appears at the top of the receipt.
    • Friendly design
      • Now six custom form fields. Three additional custom form fields were added to the existing three form fields.
      • The product area title, previously labeled “Buy an Item,” may be customized.
    • Checkout page thumbnail views
      • Window ID (WID) is provided in the thumbnail view for easy referencing.
    Bug fixes:
    • Firefox 3.0 compatibility: Various cosmetics issues were fixed in the administrative system when used with Firefox 3.0 web browser.
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