Release Date: June 1, 2019
Version: 001.042.001


  • Due to a bug in Google Chrome, the autocomplete feature auto-populates the OTHER field in a radio button list of donations / payments with whatever information is set in the autocomplete setting of the user's browser. For example of John Smith has added his date of birth as the "Other" field in the autocomplete settings the payment radio button option will auto populate the date of birth in the field. This issue has been thoroughly investigated and unfortunately there is no solution but changing the field name in our API. As an example of this issue see: - the solution offered is renaming the "Other" node to "OtherPrice". The new node works in the same manner as the previous node and both are currently active, in other words the system is backward compatible but we highly recommend all FaaS form developers to change their code to reflect this new name.
The FaaS examples provided in the manual ( provide detailed examples of the use case of this node.