Release Date: May 21, 2019
Version: 9.1905190009

Upgrade Requests: Free upgrade and installation is always available. Request it here: - please make sure to post your Salesforce Organization ID and grant us login access to your account.

New Features:
  • Addition of default text for issuing credit message.
  • Change of UI position of "Charge Date" in the virtual terminal to remove the options that are not available based on future or past dates.
  • Custom Payment Type: Only past and present transactions are allowed while no future date transaction may be processed.
  • Addition of Order Number to the Contact Alias record. This addition helps with identifying which alias was created based on which transaction.
  • Addition of the credit card decline reason to the C&P Transaction. The new field: "Status Detail" shows the message from the gateway in response to the transaction response. The details of a credit card decline will be listed in this field. [See:]
  • Resolved an issue with Tax calculations in the Virtual Terminal when a discount was being applied.
  • SMSGiving:
    • Additional information listed in the C&P Transaction for SMSgiving payments.
    • Phone numbers associated with the SMSgiving transactions are mapped automatically to the Contact's mobile phone number.
    • In the absence of email address in the SMSgiving transactions, the contact will be matched based on the last name and mobile phone number.
    • Alias records created through SMSgiving are automatically set to map to the Contact's mobile phone number.