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Salesforce PaaS Release 9.1812170007

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  • Salesforce PaaS Release 9.1812170007

    Date: December 13, 2018
    Version #: 9.1812170007

    New Features / Updates:
    • Compatibility update with Salesforce Winter 2019 API
    • Addition of the Salesforce Campaign ID node to Transaction and Item Campaign.
    • ProPay Accounts: Receive daily settlement report for all transactions. Additional fields are displayed in the C&P Transaction page for those transactions that have settled.
    • Addition of 2 reports to the Salesforce standard report for ProPay settlements. The reports are: Daily ProPay Bank Deposit, Daily ProPay Bank Reversal
    • Custom Question & Answer validation allows for all characters except < > ; &
    • Contact lookups allow for searching with the 15- or 18-characters Salesforce Contact ID. This resolves issues when the number of contacts with the same first and last name exceed 20, which is the limit on the number of contacts shown in a pull-down menu. Reported:
    • Addition of PS-CnP-PaaS-Connected-User-ONLY: Connected User permissions accessing C&P PaaS objects. Additional permissions needed for CREATE / UPDATE / READ to standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity, Product, Campaign, Campaign Member.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Several minor bug fixes are included in the release.
    Free Upgrade & Review

    We love to have our clients upgrade to the latest release and as such we provide free upgrade and review of the account. To request free upgrade to the latest release, please follow the steps listed below:
    1. In Salesforce, grant login access to Click & Pledge support. Read how:
    2. In your instance please retrieve the Salesforce Organization ID: Read how:
    3. Once access has been granted, submit the upgrade request to the upgrade channel: [Make sure to post the Salesforce Organization ID with the post]
    In requesting the upgrade knowing your Salesforce Organization ID and having access before posting the request will save a lot of time as without those we cannot find your account and cannot login to the account. Please make sure the information is included with the upgrade request.
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