Release Date: December 9, 2011
Version #: FaaS.x.20111207.

New Feature:
  • DecimalMark: To help with changing the default value of the FaaS system for treating the thousand separator the DecimalMark field offers the following two options:
    • US: Comma treated as the thousand separator and period treated as decimal separator.
    • ISO: Comma treated as decimal separator and period treated as thousand separator.

More Information:


For backward compatibility, the US standard is the default value.

Behavior Change:
  • It is recommended that all item names be changed with a numeric suffix. In the previous release a single item was named as ItemName and multiple items were named as ItemName1, ItemName2, etc. In the current release it is recommended that all fields, regardless of single or multiple items be named with a numeric suffix as ItemName1. Examples and comments are posted in the manual.