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Salesforce PaaS Summer 2018 Update

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  • Salesforce PaaS Summer 2018 Update

    Version #: 9.1808160013
    Release Date: August 27, 2018

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting with this release, per previous announcement, data will no longer post to Payment-as-a-Service app versions that are more than 1 year old. Starting October 1, 2018 data will no longer post to version Release Release Release 9.1709110011 [released September 22, 2017] and earlier. See announcement

    • New Features:
      • Addition of Salesforce Campaign ID for Line items in the Virtual Terminal: The button used in the Campaign to open the Virtual Terminal will add the campaign ID to the Items as well as the transaction. The new parameter, ItemSFCampaignId, is part of the Virtual Terminal URL and may be removed by creating a new custom button if the campaign is not needed for each item. The item campaign takes priority over the default setting in the virtual terminal, if present.
      • Addition of Transaction Campaign to the C&P Settings > Campaign > Primary Campaign as an option to be customized through various SKU filters.
      • C&P Transaction detail page shows information about pledgeTV transactions
      • C&P Transaction detail page shows details of deposit information for each transaction. This information is ONLY visible for accounts using the ProPay gateway.
      • Two new reports are available for ProPay gateway transactions with details of Deposit & Withdrawal for daily deposits.
      • Addition of the "Recurring Installment Number" to the Opportunity. The information will update all legacy records using the post-install script.
      • Salesforce API version update
      • Addition of Tracker as a filter for C&P Settings > Opportunity: Primary Campaign Source, Customize Name, Record Type, Contact Role customization.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Resolved a bug in the eVT when the one-to-many account type (bucket) is used in the presence of NPSP.
      • Resolved an issue with processing a transaction when 30K+ contacts with the same name and no email are present and the Contact ID is present in the posted data.
      • Resolved an issue with the campaign lookup not showing correctly when displaying on a low resolution monitor.
    • New Behavior
      • Transaction campaign from Connect will no longer populate the Opportunity campaign. The new C&P Setting feature will provide a more flexible method for doing this.
      • In the virtual terminal the STATE / PROVINCE is no longer mandatory since some countries do not have any states.
      • Allowing campaign source for Opportunity > Product option. This feature was not available prior to this release but with the new option one may set up the campaign for the single opportunity that is being created.
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