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PaaS Update: Release 9.1804150104 - Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

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  • PaaS Update: Release 9.1804150104 - Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

    Release Date: April 30, 2018
    Version #: 9.1804150104

    • Opportunity “Primary Campaign” assignment for transactions posting from Connect as well as external applications will be based on the Transaction campaign assignment. This change will bring inline various inconsistencies while ensuring backward compatibility.
    • Addition of a new permission set for record ownership assignment when a transaction made outside of Salesforce, e.g. Swiper1. The record owner is always assigned as the person that has processed the transaction, if the logged in user’s email address is found as a Salesforce user.
    • Resolving an issue with “Inactive Salesforce User” when the transaction was originally transacted by the user and pending processing in the C&P Temporary Contact or being pushed later to Salesforce. Given the user is no longer active, the ownership assignment fails. In the current update, the connected user will be assigned to the transaction if the original user is no longer active.
    • Addition of “Owner” and “Created by” fields to the C&P Temporary Contact for review prior to processing the record.
    • Minor performance updates & UI changes.
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