Release Date: October 1, 2011
Version #: PaaS.x.20110923.

New Feature(s):

In this release 3 new optional fields are added. The new parameters are:
  • SKU: Products may have a new optional fields for uniquely identifying the product in the reports and Salesforce Payment System. The SKU will be available in the reports as well as Salesforce's opportunity / product listing. [Node:]
  • CouponCode: Transaction may now have an optional parameter called CouponCode. The parameter will be posted to Salesforce and is part of the Shopping Cart product to be released the first week of November. [Node:]
  • TransactionDiscount: Prior to this release Discount was an item feature and each item had its own discount. With this release the entire transaction may have a discount to be applied to the total charge. [Node:
The above features were added as a prerequisite to the Shopping Cart application scheduled to be released the first week of November 2011. The new Shopping Cart application on Salesforce will integrate a family of open source and commercially available shopping carts with Salesforce.