Release Date: February 15, 2017

New Features:

The following new parameters are included in the response URL, upon completion of a transaction:
  • ON= Order Number
  • Response = Authorized
  • T = Total
Example = ?on=21332-1802151127122784242&response=authorized&t=30.00

Optional Parameters:
  • RefID = Reference ID [pass through and NOT saved]
  • TRK = Tracler [50 characters limit - saved & available in reports]
The optional parameters are the ones that if passed in the original URL will be included in the response. For example:Passing the optional parameter RefID or TRK results in the following URL:Use Case:
  • Google Analytics code may be set to read the URL from the Thank You page with these parameters.
  • When using the link in a newsletter, the Tracker may be added with any text (up to 50 characters) to the URL. The tracker will be saved as part of the transaction and is available in reports. Tracker also posts to Salesforce.