Release date: August 13, 2011
Version #: FaaS.x.20110813.

New Features:
  • eNewsletter subscription: Extension of ConstantContact & MailChimp integration in FaaS platform. Read more: eNewsletter Subscription
  • Numbered Item Listing: To make listing of multiple items and radio buttons easier the field names may now be numbered as groups. This feature offers more flexibility with listing multiple items as shown in the following examples: Read more: Product Information
  • Fraud Activation: Fraud protection may be enabled by activating the fraud option for the referenced WID. The same fraud protection offered with each checkout page and the API is now offered to the FaaS platform.
  • VaultGUID: Addition of VaultGUID to the return parameter list.
Bug Fixes:
  • A fix was made to the routing issue which was reported regarding the ERROR and DECLINE redirects. In certain conditions a DECLINE message was being posted to the ERROR page which is now resolved with this release.