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Salesforce PaaS Release: 9.1709110011

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  • Salesforce PaaS Release: 9.1709110011

    Release Date: September 22, 2017
    Version #: 9.1709110011

    Important Notices:
    • Canadian Accounts: Due to incompatibility with new features accounts that are using gateways other than iATS will not be able to upgrade to the latest release. Please contact support and start the migration to the iATS gateway by applying for a new account.
    New Features:
    • NPSP Integration:
      • Matching Gift: DoubleTheDonation integration values update the NPSP's matching gift fields in the Account and Opportunity record.
      • Household/Account Matching: Temporary Contact now allows for matching the Household of another contact when a new contact is being created. Example: John Smith is a new contact in Temp but his wife, Susan Smith is already in Salesforce and assigned to the Smith Household. John Smith new contact will be assigned to Smith Household when created if matched in the Temporary Contact options.
    • C&P Settings > Opportunity > Custom Name: Addition of the C&P Account Number as a variable.
    • Addition of Account Nickname to the C&P Settings > C&P Accounts
    • C&P Designer:
      • Addition of the C&P Account Description (as added in the C&P Settings > C&P Account) as a variable in the designer.
      • Campaign object is now accessible in the designer for the Transaction Campaign.
      • Connect > Fundraiser: First name, last name, email, and alias available
    • Autoresponder > Mail To: Fundraiser email
    • C&P Account Number Matching [available ONLY with multiple C&P accounts present]: A new option is available for matching Contact, Account, Opportunity with C&P Account Number. This option is by request of clients that act as an umbrella organization for many other organizations, all of whom use the same Salesforce instance. In this use-case each organization needs to see only the contacts and opportunities that are related to payments to their respective organizations. Once activated in the C&P Settings > C&P Contacts & Accounts > Match Mode - all lookups for Contact as well as C&P Temporary Contact and Account will show only those matches that have the C&P Account Number associated with them. This option is ONLY available when multiple accounts are present in the C&P Settings > C&P Account tab.

      The following changes are made to the previous behavior:
      • Upon installation a new field will be added to the Contact, Account, and Opportunity Object
      • The post-installation script will add the C&P Account Number of the last transaction made by the Contact to the Contact record as well as the associated Account. All opportunities will also have their C&P Account Number filled with the transaction account number.
      • Virtual Terminal: Contact lookup will ONLY look up the Contacts that are associated with the selected Account Number.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Custom Question mapping field size increased to 200 characters (from previous 80 characters) and the answer field size increased to 500 characters (from previous 255 characters). See:
    • Primary Campaign Source will be deleted if the opportunity is credited / cancelled.
    • Designer editor image browsing was crashing when more than 1000 files were in the folder. The browse is now limited to the first 1000 files as sorted alphabetically in the folder.
    • Maintenance:
      • Deletion of the orphaned Contact Alias records
      • Deletion of the transaction-less recurring records if the last transaction in the recurring family has been deleted.
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