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Connect Update: Receipt Settings and More

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  • Connect Update: Receipt Settings and More

    Release Date: June 18, 2017
    Platform: Connect Portal & Core API

    New Features:
    • Settings > Receipts > Receipt Settings: Default values for receipts may be set for each of the following conditions & recipients: [ see help article: ]
      • Patron Receipt through the Connect campaign and its payment forms/widgets
        • Receipt template may be set as well as the email subject for both the patron and internal notification
      • Patron Receipt through the Connect fundraiser pages
        • Receipt template may be set as well as the email subject for both the patron and internal notification
      • Fundraiser Receipt / Notice
        • Receipt template may be set as well as the email subject for both the patron and internal notification
    • Settings > Receipts >Receipt Builder: The PDF Attachment (receipt copy and cover sheet) option is now part of the construct of a receipt instead of the campaign.
    • Full customization of the "From Name", "From Email", and "Reply To" address for each campaign.
    • Transactions & Reports > Transactions > Transaction Order Number > Resend Receipt: Re-sending a copy of the receipt is fully customizable allowing for sending any template to the patron, fundraiser, or any other email.
    • Within Campaign Details, in the Custom Questions / Answers section the default option(s) may be pre-selected with checkbox and radio button formats.
    • Recurring Transaction: The next charge date may now be edited as part of "Manage Recurring". The "Next Installment Date" may now be set to any date in the future. Use case may be managing a declined recurring transaction where the card information needs to be updated. Once the card has been updated, the next recurring date may be set to process the missed transaction or delay the next transaction to a future date.
    • Recurring Transaction Sending Receipt Setting Update: Sending the receipt to the patron may be changed to a different setting (send or not send) by Managing & Editing the recurring transaction. Prior to this release the recurring transaction receipt could not be changed from its initial setting, if it was set to send it would always be sent and if set not to send it would never be sent. With this feature the status may be changed at anytime.
    Behavior Changes:
    • Removal of Email Reply to Address & Internal Notification fields from the Account Information tab. This is now located under Receipt > Receipt Settings
    • Separating "Recurring Transaction", "Payment Method / Cards", "Receipt Information" from the "Payment Details" in the campaign definition. Each action type is now a separate sub-tab in the "Campaign Details" tab.
    Bug Fix(s)
    • Charge Next in the Recurring was sending the receipt regardless of the original transaction's setting for not sending the receipt.

    The following provides a few key points about this update. Please make sure these changes are managed properly since they affect all accounts.

    Background: Prior to this update, the legacy "System Receipt" was being sent to all transactions that were not referencing a Connect campaign. In addition to the patron, the internal notification was also receiving the same receipt with each transaction. There was also no option for the internal distribution list or the organization NOT to receive a copy of the receipt. With this update, all this behavior has changed.

    New Behavior: The update has added a generic design to the list of receipts and by default has assigned this added receipt as the default receipt. For backward compatibility, the system will behave exactly as before where the patron and organization both receive the same generic email with each transaction. The following is a thumbnail of the new receipt:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2017-06-18_12-33-41.jpg Views:	1 Size:	21.4 KB ID:	33508

    The receipt that is assigned in the "Receipt Settings" tab cannot be deleted but any other designed receipt may be assigned as the default receipt allowing for the newly added receipt (System Default) to be deleted. The added receipt may be edited, updated, and customized just like any other receipt.

    It is important to note that all third-party applications, such as Salesforce Virtual Terminal, Salesforce Event, WooCommerce, GravityForm, etc. will send the newly default receipt if not referencing a specific Connect campaign.

    As stated earlier, all API applications will use the Receipt Setting assignments if not referencing a specific Connect campaign.

    The update DOES NOT affect the legacy portal forms as they will continue sending the legacy system receipt.

    Receipt Builder:

    Prior to this release the PDF attachment was always included with each receipt and the cover sheet was part of the campaign design. Given many campaigns may use the same receipt, the new design is now including the options for the PDF attachment as part of the design of a receipt. A receipt may be set with a cover sheet and the PDF copy of the receipt and assigned to any number of campaigns.

    Send Receipt:

    Prior to this release the "Send Receipt" option sent the exact copy of the receipt which was previously sent, at the time of the transaction. With this update sending the receipt allows for selection of a any receipt template with full flexibility for sending the receipt to the patron's email, fundraiser, or any other email address. The subject of the email will follow the transaction's Connect campaign setting if assigned, and the "Receipt Default" in the absence of any Connect campaign.
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