We are happy to announce the release of our Mobile Platform. The platform offers a complete mobile presence for all clients including the following features:
  • Fully customizable domain name (http://yourdomain.org)
  • Unlimited number of content pages
  • Unlimited number of payment forms
  • Contact Us Form with full integration with the Salesforce Donor Management.
  • QR / Tag generation with customizable landing pages
  • QR / Tag generation with customizable amount
  • Viewable across all smart phones with browser capability
  • No apps to install

To start your mobile site follow the steps listed below:
  1. Point your mobile phone domain name to the following CNAME: Clients.M.ClickandPledge.mobi
  2. Login to the administrative portal
  3. Click on the Mobile Platform
  4. Activate the page and complete the Setup form
  5. Click on Mobile Pages and set up as many pages and tabs as needed

Salesforce Integration

If your organization has an active Salesforce Donor Management and have linked the account to the Click & Pledge system the Contact Us form will add the following information to the Salesforce account:
  • Existing Patron: Contact Us will post the comment as a CASE to the Patron records
  • New Patron: A lead will be generated with the information added as a note