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Salesforce PaaS Release 9.1612080007: New Features & Enhancements

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  • Salesforce PaaS Release 9.1612080007: New Features & Enhancements

    Release Date: December 22, 2016
    Version #: 9.1612080007

    Complementary Upgrade Service:

    To request upgrade:
    New Features:
    • Double The Donation Temporary Account Notification: Notification may be set for "Temporary Account" for matching company names as posted by the "Double the Donation" integration.
    • Connect Campaign: Addition of Campaign forms to the Virtual Terminal. Transactions will post to the selected campaign and the associated form so the transaction is included in the form's statistics. The option is included as show/hide in the VT settings.
    • Pledge Stage: A new field shows the stage of a pledge as either "Not Fulfilled" or "Fulfilled". The fulfilled stage is automatically set when the remaining balance is less than or equal to 0. The stage will also appear in the tab view.
    • Pledge Status: Addition of "Cancelled" as a status.
    • Total Paid field added to the Pledge object allowing for inclusion of the total payment in the report.
    • Alias: Copy to Contact & Delete: The addition allows for copying an alias to the Contact record and automatically deleting it in single action. See:
    • Campaign LIFT Links now provide contact information as part of a new set of links titled "Campaign Lift URL Autocomplete". The link provides a link that will autocomplete the form with existing contact information.
    • Addition of Connect Forms for Campaign LIFT
    Bug Fixes:
    • Country & State picklist compatibility with the NPSP & Salesforce's country/state picklist.
    • Virtual Terminal validation for card reader data.
    • Recurring detail page: Installment count mismatch in case of a declined transaction.
    • Autoresponder image issue caused by Salesforce's change of service end point with custom domain.
    • Resolving an issue with Custom Mapping when a custom field had the same name as a C&P field.
    • An issue has been brought up for a case where a recurring contact has been deleted and future recurring transactions are posting in the absence of the original contact. The modification will accommodate for this possible scenario. See case:
    • About C&P Apps: Release date of each app is now being listed helping with identifying each release.
    • SKU field has increased to 255 characters.
    • Several UI enhancements & performance improvements.
    • Application version numbering scheme has changed to the following format:
      • Example: 9.16 12 08 00 06
      • Format:
        • 9 = Main version number
        • 16 = Last 2 digits of the release year
        • 12 = Release month
        • 08 = Minor version number
        • 00 = bug fix release count
        • 06 = Internal release count for each update
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