We are considering change the order number format to include the account number. Currently an order number is of the following format:
  • Order Number: 1506201701458984891
The order number includes valuable information:
  • 150620 = 2015 - 06 - 20 (June 20, 2015)
  • 170145898: Hour = 17, Minute = 01, Seconds = 45, Thousands of second - 898
  • 4891 = Last 4 digits of the card
A problem with the order number is its numerical format which in Excel causes it to display in engineering format.

We are considering adding the account number to the order number and adding a special character to force the value to appear as text. For example:
  • New Format: 12345-1506201701458984891
where 12345 is the account number.

We are concerned that the change may cause problem with custom code with our partners and developers.

Are there any concerns for such a change?