Release Date: March 16, 2015
Version #: 8.7012

  • Support of matching of answers for lookup in the custom question mapping
  • Batch upload optimization - allowing for up to 200 entries with basic installation. Due to processing limitations Opportunity > Products is not supported for batch upload
  • Allowing for change of tax deductible as well as other fields when new items are added
  • Allowing for addition of custom fields to the Transaction object
  • Various UI changes and adjustments

Bug Fixes
  • Swiper1 mapping of null values
  • Blocking eCheck processing for future date transactions as the feature is not supported by gateways.
  • Updating various missing fields in case of manual opportunity settlement.

Post Installation:
  • No post-installation steps are necessary if upgrading from previous 8.x releases.
  • Upgrading from versions prior to 8.x? Grant us login access and post a message to the Salesforce PaaS form requesting upgrade assistance.