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Announcing Release of Salesforce Payment App. Release 9.5011

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  • Announcing Release of Salesforce Payment App. Release 9.5011

    Release date: July 27, 2016
    Version #: 9.5011

    New Features:
    • C&P Designer: Addition of Account fields- see:
    • Opportunity Stage: Addition of Opportunity Stage for each custom payment type. New stages may be added for any custom payment type with a default, catch all, for the ones not specifically listed.
    • Salesforce Activities: Addition of activity for C&P Transaction, C&P Pledge, and C&P Recurring. The list of all activities added will show as a related list on the page. [Request based on discussion in the Salesforce HUB]
    • C&P Pledge: Addition of a standard report for Pledge.
    • Field Sets added to C&P Transaction, C&P Recurring, and C&P Pledge custom VF tabs. [ See the thread in Salesforce HUB: ]
    • Salesforce Report:
    • C&P Settings > Accounts: addition of connection type for multi-account instances. The type includes direct or shared based on C&P connection type.
    • Contact Alias > Graying the fields that are unchecked and not being updated. The UI change is based on customer request to minimize confusion.
    • C&P Settings > Analytics: If disabled all existing Patron Rank values will be deleted.
    • C&P Recurring> Modifications in when various buttons are available for updating, charging next, cancelling the recurring transaction.
    • Autoresponder recurring message changed to match the standard receipt
    • Increasing the display limit of Autoresponder listings to 1000. See:
    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue was reported for a recurring transaction whose contact has been deleted after the first recurring. In the absence of the original contact, the system was throwing an exception. In this update the system will set the contact per C&P Settings, if the original contact is not found.
    • Temporary Contact processing generates an error when the email has an apostrophe. Reported:
    • Batch import has an issue with non-US date formats. Reported:
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