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Announcing Salesforce Payment System Release 8.7005

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  • Announcing Salesforce Payment System Release 8.7005

    Scheduled Release Date: February 18, 2015
    Version #: 8.7005

    New Features:
    • Standard Report: "C&P Temporary Contacts" - Addition of a report showing the number of records in the C&P Temporary tab. (Client request)
    • Addition of Formula Fields in the Contact object to the Designer for the Autoresponder emails. (Client request)
    • Allowing for change of credit card & contact information when recurring payment changes in Connect.
    • Addition of Contact ID to the Opportunity object for cv__Contact__c to support Luminate integration.
    • Opportunity close date changed to reflect transaction date and not creation date when processed through the Temp Contact. (Client request)
    • Removal of the "Receipt Thank You" field providing more flexibility by adding only the "Receipt Header" to be added to the receipts.
    • Moving "About C&P" object to the API Class Library. This feature will completely move to the API Class Library once the next update of Event is available.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed typo in the Quick Charge label for eCheck.
    • Autoresponder image with custom domain was not showing up. [reported:]
    • Pledge SKU was not populating correctly in the Virtual Terminal when making payments through the Pledge.
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