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Announcing Release of Salesforce Event App. Release 4.2015

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  • Announcing Release of Salesforce Event App. Release 4.2015

    Release date: June 15, 2016
    Version #: 4.2015

    Preview Webinar:Upgrade Instructions:
    • You may upgrade the applications through the C&P Settings > About C&P Apps. Click & Pledge also offers complementary (free) upgrade service. To request upgrade please grant us login access and post your request to the Salesforce Upgrade Assistance channel (

    New Features:
    • Attendee Role Campaign: Registrations including multiple attendees may be set to be grouped as a dynamically named campaign (customizable)
    • Anonymous event allows for setting up limits for registration in the quantity. The quantity is now a pull down menu simplifying the UI during the registration.
    • Default Settings > Allowing for the Box Office to register Active, Archived, or Upcoming events. Setting customizes what type of events may be used in the box office.
    • Check in - Check Out: Allowing individual levels to be sent to the Swiper1 for check-in and check-out. Prior to this release all levels were being posted to Swiper1. With this release certain levels may be removed from Swiper1.
    • Additional payment default amount may be set and locked. Use case includes a fixed amount to be added to each registration. [EVT1623]
    • Registration Payment: Prior to this update a registration made using custom payment type had the option to be processed using credit card or ACH after the registration was made. Using the "Add Payment" button in the Registration tab a payment could be added to complete the registration. For example if "Pay at the door" was an option and the registration was made using that option, the administrator could process payment using a credit card to complete the existing registration. With this update a custom payment type may be used to complete the registration instead of just credit card or ACH, so if the person makes the payment with cash, for example, one could complete the registration with another custom payment type called Cash.
    • Addition of the Registrant as a campaign member for levels in case of Anonymous events. Prior to this update since no attendees were being registered, anonymous event attendees were not being added to any campaigns. Considering there are no attendees in an anonymous event, the Registrant is being added to the LEVEL campaign. The addition is by request of clients.
    • Purchase list with coupon codes included in the Registration Emails
    • New report for Registrant & Attendees combined into one single download
    • Permission Set: Report access only [EVT1629]
    • Custom questions may now be added after start of registration. The new question will show in the registration details of those registrants that had registered prior to the addition and may be edited.
    • Registration Emails are now being sent even if the C&P Data has not posted due to communication issues, etc.
    • Customization of various buttons, fields, and visibility of columns in the registration form.
    • Discount code label increased to 80 characters.
    • Ticket numbers will no longer maintain the number from deleted registrations. Ticket numbers will go to the first registration number available once the number is no longer registered.
    • Reference number for the Custom Payment type changed to TEXT from NUMERIC.
    • Addition of "Registrant" count to the dashboard
    • Addition of currency symbol as a new column in the report. The change will enable the column to be formatted as numeric in Excel allowing for math functions to be used, e.g. SUM.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue when the C&P Data is not available for the registrant and attendee records, in case of deleted records or connection issues.
    • Correct ordering of questions & answers in the Registration Emails
    • Registration email time zone now matches the registration site's guest user time zone.
    • Resolved an issue with the Group discount with minimum & maximum attendees
    • Coupon code is no longer case sensitive
    • Event cloning was deleting certain levels in some conditions.
    • Updating the attendee contact to a new contact will update the attendee information in reports and views.
    Other Changes:
    • Removal of "Invoice" and "Purchase Order" as explicit payment methods. These methods (names) may be added as custom payment type.
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