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Announcing Release of Salesforce Payment App. Release 9.4017

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  • Announcing Release of Salesforce Payment App. Release 9.4017

    Release date: June 15, 2016
    Version #: 9.4017

    Preview Webinar:Upgrade Instructions:
    • You may upgrade the applications through the C&P Settings > About C&P Apps. Click & Pledge also offers complementary (free) upgrade service. To request upgrade please grant us login access and post your request to the Salesforce Upgrade Assistance channel (
    New Features:
    • Virtual Terminal > Report Batch Entry: Salesforce reports may be used for processing a new transaction. The Order Number of a previous order may be used as the basis of a transaction allowing for processing using the same payment method used for the previous order to be used for a new transaction.
    • C&P Temporary Contact: Allowing for multiple Temporary Contacts to be settled at once. Once the contacts are selected as matches they will settle in the background with delay to avoid race conditions with NPSP and other apps. The feature helps with the event when the registrant and attendee is the same person.
    • Send SMS to a lead with a mobile phone number.
    • Campaign ID may be used in the URL to the Virtual Terminal to be used as the primary campaign for the transaction. A new Virtual Terminal button has been added to the Campaign layout to allow for processing payments as part of the campaign.
    • Double the Donation: Opportunity setting for Account & Contact
    • Autoresponder:
      • Email:
        • Addition of "Activity History" option with each autoresponder.
        • Addition of "Cancel Recurring".
        • Addition of "*" wildcard covering all custom payment types. Prior to this release autoresponders could have only been set for one custom payment type at a time.
      • SMS: Addition of QR Code for each SMS autoresponder reflecting the setting. QR Code may be shared with patrons for scanning and sending the designed SMS.
    • C&P Settings > Opportunity:
      • Creation of opportunity based on specific custom payment type or all payment types by using the wildcard * (star) as the payment name.
      • Addition of options for creating opportunity if the Amount is 0 based on gross or net amount as listed below:
        • Gross amount = 0
        • Gross amount - discount = 0
      • Opportunity amount be based on gross or net as listed below:
        • Gross amount
        • Gross amount - discount
        • Gross amount - discount + tax
    • C&P Settings > C&P Account
      • Automatically adding the C&P Accounts upon establishing the OAuth connection in Click & Pledge. With this addition there is no longer any need to add the C&P Account manually in Salesforce and as a result the NEW button has been removed.
    • C&P Designer: Removal of the total for the indefinite recurring
    • Opportunity: Addition of item "Coupon Code" field to the opportunity
    • Recurring: Addition of the first installment date to the recurring record [SPP1280]
    • Payment method: Custom Payment Type > Reference Number has been changed to TEXT from NUMERIC field.
    • Allowing for item campaign to be added, even though the Opportunity creation is not active in the C&P Settings > Opportunity.
    • C&P Settings > Autresponder
      • Email
        • Addition of * (star) as the wildcard for tags. In the absence of any defined tags, the "all tags" option may be used.
    • C&P Temporary Contact:
      • Addition of C&P Account as a view for clients having multiple C&P Accounts posting to a single Salesforce instance.
      • Linking of the Order Number to the C&P Transaction upon completion of the Temporary Contact processing.
      • Removal of the Delete button as it was causing data inconsistency. To delete a temp you may delete the entire transaction using the Order Number in the C&P Settings > Maintenance. [SPP1277]
    • C&P Recurrings: Addition of the following views
      • All Recurrings
      • All Indefinite subscriptions
      • All Subscriptions
      • All Installments
      • Active Subscriptions
      • Ended Subscriptions
      • Active Installments
      • Ended Installments
      • Cancelled Recurrings
      • Past due recurrings
    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolving issues with instances that have enabled the Territory Management.
    • Resolving issues with installation of C&P Apps when the Multi-Currency option is active in the instance.
    • Opportunity: Transaction Tax added to the opportunity in case of Opportunity > Product.
    • Custom question mapping when the answer includes 2 words. See:
    • Custom question mapping to different fields when the question is the same but the answers are different. See:
    • Convenience fee calculations not being calculated correctly
    • In case of C&P State / Country database being used the state was not being shown with the right case, CA versus ca
    • Cancelling the future date recurring. See:
    • C&P Settings > Maintenance: Incorrect message was being displayed when an incomplete transaction was being deleted [SPP1278].
    • Resolving a date validation error for February 30. An error that shows up every 4 years. [SPP1288]
    • Virtual Terminal:
      • Error was being generated when the Double the Donation company ID was missing in certain conditions. [SPP1283]
      • When card reader is set as the default state the cursor will move to the top of the page.
    • Temporary Contact was generating error during settlement when no opportunity was being created in the C&P Settings for the declined transaction.
    • Finding the correct Contact when a recurring transaction's original contact has been deleted / merged with a new Contact. In case of original contact not being found the Contact assigned to the recurring will be used. See:
    • Resolving Maximum Viewstate error in case of large number of similar contacts for the C&P Temporary Contacts.
    • Resolving an issue for declined transactions being added to the campaign.
    • Email validation now includes TLD's more than 4 characters long, e.g. photography, business, cloud, etc.
    • Creating a new campaign when a similar campaign exists but is inactive.
    • Updating MailChimp API to match the new 3.1 release.
    Other Changes:
    • Deprecated the "C&P Company ID" in the Account object
    • Global removal of "Invoice" and "Purchase Order" as specific payment methods. These 2 payment methods may be added as custom payment type and as such not needed to be explicitly specified.
    • Removal of DELETE button from the "C&P Recurring" detail page.
    • Future date transactions will create a new opportunity for the actual payment. Prior to this update the opportunity created for the pre-authorization was being updated with the new amount. Updating of the opportunity causes a conflict with NPSP, given NPSP does not create a "Payment" record for opportunities with $0 amount.
    • Modifying the behavior of the Virtual Terminal for Pledge payments. Prior to this update the Virtual Terminal initial state matched the default setting in the virtual terminal settings. With this update the default settings will no longer be followed when a Pledge payment is being processed. Pledge payments follow the Pledge settings as set in C&P Pledge tab.
    • Declined transactions will result in:
      • No matching gift opportunity
      • No soft credit
      • No Pledge
      • No GL entry
      • No campaign member
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    So how does one go about removing the total for the indefinite recurring ion C&P Designer? Or is it removed by default and we need to add in recurring fields if we want them to show up?


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      Good day davecort

      It is automatic. If the system sees it is indefinite it will not show it.

      Hope that answers your question.
      Click & Pledge Support Department

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        Ok so I have done the update and now what do i need to do as it says in the email package deploy process ... is there an overview on this? As a non profit i dont have a developer


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          Good day boilerbaker

          All you have to do is to re-establish connection, making sure your C&P account is linked to Salesforce.


          Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
          Click & Pledge Support Department

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            CnP.Support I have followed the instructions as stated above. It states we are connected and verified on the portal per the attached photo but then on the salesforce side it says inactive and not connected see photo. We do not have multiple c&p accounts


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              Good day boilerbaker

              Have you clicked on the UPDATE button as shown below:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-07-13_11-09-48.jpg
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Size:	34.4 KB
ID:	24962

              Our tests show that it should work and you should see the Active.

              Please try again and make sure to click on the Update button. Let us know when you have done this so we can check your account.
              Click & Pledge Support Department

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              • #8
                I am still getting the following