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PaaS 8.6018- Minor additions, enhancements, and bug fixes

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  • PaaS 8.6018- Minor additions, enhancements, and bug fixes

    Release date: January 22, 2015
    Version #: 8.6018

    Installation / Post-Installation: No post-installation changes are needed if upgrading from any of the previous 8.60xx releases.

    Need Help with the Update? See options:
    • New Features:
      • C&P Account Number has been added to the "C&P Temporary Contact" as a static field. The field may be used for customized views.
      • "Connect" comments are now being passed as custom questions & answers to Salesforce.
    • Enhancements:
      • Temporary Contact: If ContactID is not found the transaction will process and the contact will be placed in the C&P Temporary Contact. This issue addresses a problem with recurring transactions originated in the Salesforce Virtual Terminal by loading a specific contact. In this case the ContactID will be used for future transactions and if that contact is no longer available (deleted, etc.) the recurring transaction would fail to locate the contact and would generate an error. With this enhancement the Contact will be placed in the Temporary Contact for review.
      • Invalid emails were generating error with creation of Contact Alias. The error was reported by clients with custom forms not validating emails prior to posting. With this update when an email is not valid, e.g. [email protected], and cannot be saved in the Contact's Email field the email will be set to NULL and the alias will be created.
      • C&P Data field length increased to 131,072 characters, the new Salesforce limit, from the previous limit of 32,768 characters.
      • Increasing the number of synchronized MailChimp lists to 100 from 25.
    • Bug Fixes:
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