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Announcing "Disable Fraud" - Release 3.50.1

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  • Announcing "Disable Fraud" - Release 3.50.1

    Release Date: October 13, 2010

    New Feature:

    Prior to this release Fraud protection was an inherent feature of all accounts as well as checkout pages. With the introduction of "Enable Fraud" for account as well as the checkout pages, organizations may disabled Fraud protection for either the account or individual checkout pages.

    By default all accounts as well as checkout pages are "Fraud Protection" enabled. To disable fraud for the entire account follow the steps listed below:
    • Login to the administrative portal
    • Click on the Account Info link (Top right hand side)
    • Click on the 3rd Party tab
    • Click on the Fraud Service sub-tab
    • Enable or disable the fraud service

    To disable fraud for checkout pages follow the steps listed below:
    • Login to the administrative portal
    • Click on Checkout Pages
    • Edit each checkout page and enable or disable Fraud through the wizard (Step 6 in the wizard) or the 3rd Party tab / Fraud option checkbox for catalog pages.

    About the Fraud Service
    Click & Pledge monitors activities on each checkout page closely for suspicious activities. Every transaction is also checked against a wide array of checks to ensure the activity is not fraudulent. The transaction check is performed through our proprietary software as well as various third party partners to protect our clients against fraudulent activities. At times clients may want to use a checkout page at an event where the same page will be used for several transactions in rapid succession. Such activities typically triggers fraud services and will result in block and decline of transactions. To help with such transactions, it is recommended that a special checkout page be created and not placed on the website for public use. Using the page for internal use with fraud disabled will help in transacting large volume of transactions without worrying about the Fraud engine blocking transactions.

    Important Notice

    Please make sure that checkout pages with Fraud Service disabled are not linked in a website.
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