Release Date: October 1, 2014
Version #: 8.4003

Watch a video of what is new in release 8.4003:

New Features:
  • Temporary Contact: Addition of address in the Temporary Contact suggested list
  • Event Management: Additional information sent to Swiper1 for the event management
  • Virtual Terminal: Addition of SELECT as the first option for Country & State picklist in the virtual terminal
  • Salesforce API version upgrade for all pages
  • Designer: Additional CONTACT object fields available in the Autoresponder designer.
  • C&P Settings: Virtual Terminal customization for hiding features not needed.
  • Opportunity Customization: Addition of MM/DD/YYYY (
  • C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal: Authorization, Decline, Error redirect to a custom visual page with various parameters posted with he response. Designed for advanced users/programmers.
Bug Fixes:
  • SMTP bug fix as reported:
  • SKU matching bug in the Autoresponder when OR was being used as a logical condition.
  • Batch upload: eCheck missing colon and creating problem when edited in Excel. Addition of : as a prefix to force Excel to treat the field as text and not numeric.
  • URL referrer was not saving when the URL was more than 250 characters. Truncate the URL to 250 maximum characters.