Release Date: January 12, 2016
Version #: 9.3001

New Features:
  • Matching Gift as option for Record Type in Contact Role, Customization Name, and Primary Campaign Source
  • Recurring field annotations in the C&P Designer
  • Receipt Number added to the C&P Designer
  • Addition of the "Double the Donation" to the C&P Virtual Terminal
  • Change of the "Charge Date" to Day, Month, and Year pull down menus to comply with international date formats.
  • C&P Temporary Contact allows for filtering of Temporary Contacts based on "Payer" or "Event Attendee".
  • New field added to the Opportunity object:
    • Payment Reference Number: applies to the following payment types [CnP_PaaS__ReferenceID_GUID__c]
      • Credit Card
      • eCheck / ACH
      • Custom Payment Type
      • Purchase Order
      • Invoice