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Announcing “Campaigns” 3.50 Interim Release

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  • Announcing “Campaigns” 3.50 Interim Release

    Release date: October 1, 2010

    New Features:

    The Campaigns interim release is in concert with a number of future releases leading up to a comprehensive integration with Salesforce CRM. To take advantage of the Salesforce campaign functionality, Campaigns are added to each checkout page’s setup. Combined with the tracker functionality, the new campaign provides a flexible method for tracking donations across different channels.

    Setting up a Campaign:

    To set up a campaign follow the steps listed below:
    • Login to the administrative portal []
    • Click on Checkout Pages
    • In the sub-menu section (THIS SECTION) click on Campaigns
    • Enter a name for the campaign [mandatory field]. The field cannot be updated once submitted.
    • Enter the target amount for the campaign [optional field]. This field may be updated later.
    • Enter a start date for the campaign. Payments will be tracked with the campaign name starting at this date. The field cannot be set to a past date. The field is optional.
    • Enter an end date for the campaign. Payments will STOP saving the campaign name after the end date. The field may be left blank and is an optional field. The field may be updated at a later date and changed.
    • Internal notes may be added to each campaign. The note may be edited and updated at a later date.

    There is no limit on the number of campaigns that may be set up. Once a campaign has been set up, it may be assigned to multiple checkout pages.

    Assigning a Campaign:

    To assign a campaign to a checkout page follow the steps listed below:
    1. Click on Checkout Pages
    2. Edit the checkout page and assign the campaign by selecting it from the “Select a campaign” pull down menu. The option is available in the first step for the easyPages and in the Settings area for the Advanced Pages.

    Downloading reports:

    All reports have a new column labeled Campaigns. Transactions are identified with the campaign through the system reports as well as custom reports.

    Upcoming features:

    Next update will include the following:
    • Filtering parameter for campaigns so reports may be downloaded for a specific campaign. The functionality will also be added to the reporting services in the API platform.
    • Comment in the receipt footer showing the campaign name.

    Changes from Previous Release

    The administrative portal no longer opens to Wizard mode. Advanced mode viewing is the only available option.
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