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Release Salesforce Event 4.1: Issue Credit, GoToWebinar and integration

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  • Release Salesforce Event 4.1: Issue Credit, GoToWebinar and integration


    As part of this upgrade the Attendee Temporary Contacts & C&P Temporary Contacts are being merged into the same object. This provides a streamlined process for managing the temporary contacts. Prior to this release event attendees were processed separately from the main temporary contacts. With this release all existing event attendee temporary contacts will be moved to the main C&P Temporary Contact tab.

    Release Date: December 9, 2015

    Upgrade:Webinars:New Features:
    • Integration with GoToWebinar: Attendees will automatically be registered for the added GoToWebinar event >
    • Integration with Custom accounts may be set to create short URL's for event and listing sites. offers custom URL's as part of its free service allowing for full customization of the short URL with the custom domain. >
    • Integration with Twilio: Send SMS to an attendee or registrant. >
    • Process payment for registrations paid by any payment type other than credit card or eCheck, e.g. custom payment type, invoice, P.O., such as pay at the door, etc. >
    • Credit & cancel a registration >
    • Option for removal of the attendee & registration as a campaign member during the delete process of a registration
    • Swiper1 access for "All Events". With this access level all events in the future will also be accessible by the user and will not require individual permissions to be set. Access may also be given to users without any existing events. >
    • Registration Emails additions: >
      • Send Date: Schedule the email to be sent on a set date
      • Custom question & answer as annotation in the email
      • BCC: Add any number of emails to be used as BCC with registration emails.
      • Cloning an existing email
      • Purchase quantity annotation
      • PDF upload as attachment
    • UI Additions: >
      • Tickets Left: A new column available for display in the registration form.
      • Additional Information > Registration Field Visibility
        • Registration widget columns: Show/ Hide option for Ticket Left, Price, Additional Fee, Registration Included, Quantity, and Total
        • Registration widget columns: Custom label for all columns
      • Event Listing Sites
        • Listing Page: Show/Hide of Start Date, End Date
        • Listing Page: Customize column labels
      • Event Management > Events> addition of Swiper1 Starts on & Swiper1 Ends on dates to the event listing overview.
      • Discounts
        • Consolidation of 2 menu fields into one for selection of the discount type: Level Total, Level Individual Item, Entire Event.
    Behavior Change:
    • Registrant & attendee temporary contacts are now part of the same process and no longer separate.
    • Addition of “All Events” to the Swiper1 Global Access. With this selection all events in the future will also be accessible to the user.
    • Form Field menu changed to a standalone menu
    • Adding: "Check Temp Contact" for the contact name when the contact is in the C&P Temporary Contact.
    • The inventory management counter will start the countdown after addition of the first item to the basket. Prior to this release the counter was starting when the site was being visited.
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