Release date: July 10, 2010

Organizations may now choose to show their local time on receipts instead of showing the EST time zone where Click & Pledge data center is located.

To change the report / receipt time zone to your local time zone follow the steps listed below:
  • Login to the administrative portal
  • Click on Account Info
  • In the Profile tab scroll down and check the box titled "Use Timezone for Receipt & Report"
  • Make sure the time zone selected in the Time Zone field is set to your organization's time zone.

If the Time Zone option is enabled the receipt time zone will appear as below:
  • Saturday, July 10, 2010 [11:52:00 AM] (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

If the Time Zone option is NOT enabled the receipt will appear as:
  • Saturday, July 10, 2010 [02:52:00 PM]

which is based on Eastern Standard Time.