• Registration form Columns show/hide control
  • Contact loading at Box office Registration
  • Make required and non-editable only FN and LN, Contact fields for the Both Attendees and Registrants
  • Internal Notification Mailing list. (similar to VT)
  • Discount plan / Coupon code , at Reports
  • Global Discounts
  • Attendee Report (SF Standard Report) with custom question and answer
  • Enhancement at Calculations of- Discount/Tax/Tax Deductible (EVT1082)
  • Removing - the "View All Data" is required for access to the Organization object (EVT1083)
  • Validations of event name and level name are validated based on external pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Archived events appearing in the active event list (EVT1121)

Post Installation - Upgrade

  1. Additional permissions need to be set for the newly added fields. Follow the steps listed below to add the additional permissions:
    • Click on Salesforce Setup > Develop > Sites
    • Click on the site defined for event
    • Click on Public Access Setting
    • Under the "Field-Level Security" > "Custom Field-Level Security" section
    • View: C&P Event
      • Click on Edit
      • Check all available fields under the "Visible" column
      • Click on Save

    • View: C&P Event Discount Plan
      • Click on Edit
      • Check all available fields under the "Visible" column
      • Click on Save

  2. Existing events: Edit & save each event to ensure all default values are set and saved. No additional changes are need as editing and saving will set all the default values.

Need Help?

  • If you need help with the upgrade please submit a post in the Event forum and request upgrade assistance. Please make sure to grant us login access to your account. How to grant access: http://forums.clickandpledge.com/showthread.php?t=1065 [Please make sure to post your organization name & the Salesforce Organization ID so we know how to locate your instance.]

To Upgrade: http://forums.clickandpledge.com/content.php?r=432-About-CNP-App