Release date: May 12, 2014
Version #: 8.3051

New Features:
  • Auction for Salesforce: Batch processing of payments through the Virtual Terminal.
  • Virtual Terminal Batch Upload: The following columns are added: Custom Payment type, Purchase order, SKU, Tax, Tax deductible, Convenience fee , Recurring periodicity WEEK addition, Shipping amount, with address fields, Item Campaign

Bug Fixes:
  • Autoresponder SMTP: In release 8.x new fields were added to the SMTP tab allowing each defined SMTP set up to include its own FROM and SENDER Email address. Instances upgrading from version 7 to 8 experienced an error because of the missing fields.
  • Under certain conditions the virtual terminal transactions were being processed as pre-authorization for $0.
  • Autoresponder conflict when 2 autoresponders were matching where one was being sent to a static email.
  • Recurring transaction: The charge date was showing the processing date from the Temp Contact and not the actual payment processing date when a recurring was placed in the C&P Temporary Contact.
  • Autoresponder layout showing blank conditions when editing an existing autoresponder.

Behavior Change:
  • Connect campaign for fundraiser is set up as a child campaign of the parent campaign regardless of the parent campaign's parent campaign. In the previous version if the parent campaign had a parent the fundraiser campaign was being assigned to the parent's parent campaign rather than the parent's campaign.

Post Installation: