Release date: April 19, 2014
Version #: 8.3042

New Features
  • Autoresponder can send from the Transaction detail page (SPP 998)
  • Patron Value Rank: The global ranking of all contacts relative to various weighing parameters. (SPP993 )
  • Addition of Connect Alias as an External ID to the Contact object for Patron Value Rank calculation.
  • Patron Value Rank reports and integration with the Broadcaster.
  • Connect alias, Link to Fundraisers Global page : - Connect Global Profile
  • Addition of Account to the list of parameters in the Opportunity Naming customization in C&P Settings.
  • ContactID added to the list of merge fields in the Authoresponder.
  • Manual addition of donations to the "Connect" campaign via the Virtual Terminal.
  • Manual addition of donations to a fundraiser's "Connect" campaign via the Virtual Terminal.
  • Integration with Predictive Response (
  • Bootstrap design for Settings to overcome view limit size exceed issue
  • Recurring Report Templates - add Contact Name and Installment amount (SPP1001)
  • Temporary Contact list includes the total transaction amount.
  • Inclusion of the following parameters in the error email sent in case of any error during the post:
  • Click & Pledge Account name
  • Click & Pledge Account number
  • Salesforce Organization ID
  • Salesforce UserID
  • Inclusion of all Click & Pledge installed app names & versions in the Salesforce error report
Bug Fixes:
  • Listing of additional donations at Invoice Detail Page (SPP 1006)
  • Invoice internal alert not sending alert
  • Version Number at C&P Data for the Invoice Transactions was not posting
  • Temporary Contact not processing when Salesforce campaign is missing- payments from Connect - ( Ref:
  • Contact Alias address zip code mapping to the state field
  • View limit size error in the Temporary Contact when more than 50 contacts were being found. A client had over 1000 contact with Brown as last name generating the error.
  • Test classes failures issue
  • Person Account - temporary contact was not showing
  • Connect fundraiser donations were not posting to the correct campaign as set in Connect.
  • Invalid date format issue, when US is not the set Locale (SPP341)
  • "Argument 1 cannot be null" when NPSP is installed and shipping country is not mapped in the C&P Settings > Contact & Account. []
  • Pledge amount was not updating after a pledge. []
  • Autoresponder "Transaction Date" was not showing the correct time converted to the right time zone as set in the account.
  • Virtual Terminal > Shipping Address > Copy from Billing: Under certain conditions the country does not copy correctly.