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Announcing Salesforce Payment Management 9.1014

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  • SSmith
    Last spring Kami was saying there might be an upgrade timed roughly with Dreamforce this year that eliminates the problem of duplicate opportunities created when using C&P for checkout through Auctions for Salesforce. Can anyone tell me whether this upgrade is part of Salesforce Payment Management 9.1014? Also, we haven't upgraded to NPSP V3 yet. Do we need to do that in order to have all components of the C&P 9.1014 work correctly?

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day @Perc-BRC,

    We do not push the upgrades to clients as majority of clients want to test the release prior to installation. We also do not want to cause any issues with live events, etc. as an upgrade will result in downtime during the upgrade process.

    Upgrading our releases is easy- simply go to C&P Settings > About C&P Apps and click on Synchronize. You will be be able to see the applications that are installed, the version you have installed, and the version that is available. Links to the release notes as well as the upgrade link.

    If you want we can also upgrade your instance at no cost. Simply grant us login access and post a request in this channel: Salesforce Upgrade Assistance []

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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  • Perc-BRC
    Should these be upgrading automatically by Push upgrade? still not seeing it live in production. Thanks!

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  • Announcing Salesforce Payment Management 9.1014

    Version #: 9.1014
    Release date: August 14, 2015

    New Features:
    • Blackbaud (Convio) Luminate Compatibility features:
      • Removal of Account creation option in the C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts. Luminate creates accounts automatically and behaves similar to the NPSP package. The option will be hidden if Luminate is present in the instance.
      • Addition of Recurring record in the "Recurring Gift" option if a recurring payment is made. The recurring gift ID of Luminate will also be added to the C&P Recurring and all future opportunities automatically.
    • Autoresponder: No Email option allowing email to be sent to a designated email address when patron does not provide an email.
    • Send SMS from the Contact Record using Twilio ( Click here to learn more.
    • The following new permission sets are added
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-All-Permissions: The user may perform all tasks associated with C&P PaaS objects, including by not limited to edit, clone, delete, and create. Additional permissions may be needed for the Salesforce standard objects.
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-ONLY-Invoice: The user may perform all tasks associated with C&P Invoice only. Such actions as C&P Temporary Contact, updating C&P Settings, etc. are not allowed. Additional permissions may be needed for the Salesforce standard objects.
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-ONLY-TemporaryContact: The user may review & match as well as create new contacts through the C&P Temporary Contact tab. Additional permissions may be needed for the Salesforce standard objects.
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-Event-Setup: The user may setup an event but will not be able to process Temporary Contacts.
    Bug FixesAdditional Changes:
    • Minor UI adjustments
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