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Announcing Salesforce Event 3.1017

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  • Announcing Salesforce Event 3.1017

    Release date: August 14, 2015
    Version #: 3.1017

    UPGRADE: Upgrade to 3.10xx requires 2.6000.22 installation. Click to read more

    Review webinar - Watch the recording

    New Features:
    Major Features:
    1. Registration Sites: Unlimited number of registration sites may be created with different levels listed in each. Each site may be set up with a different or same template listing different levels. Listed levels may be sorted with custom ordering. [read more]
    2. Registration Emails: Emails may be sent to the registrant & attendees based on payment type and the level registered. Unlimited number of emails may be designed based on various conditions. This change is NOT backward compatible and as such upgrade is not recommended for active events unless planned. The "Registration Emails" tab replaces the emails that were part of the "Messages" tab and no longer require addition of tickets or name badges. [read more]
    3. Event Listing Sites: Listing pages may be set up with registration sites instead of the event. Each site may have different levels and sites from the same event may be listed in the listing site.
    4. Attendee Designation/Role: An additional parameter set for each attendee during registration. Levels with multiple included registrations (e.g. include 10 tickets) may name each attendee position (e.g. Table captain, Team Leader, etc.) showing the label on the registration form. Positions will be saved in the report and in the attendee record. [read more]
    5. Dynamic Coupon Code in URL: Coupon code(s) may be passed through the URL. The coupon code will automatically apply once the conditions of the coupon code are met. E.g. addition of "&CC=abc;def;ghe" for coupon codes abc, def and ghe. Multiple coupon codes may be separated by semicolon.
    6. Inclusion of Coupon Code in URL for individual events listed in the event listing sites.
    7. Tracker: Trackers may be added to the end of the event page URL by adding &trk=xyz to the end of the URL, where xyz is a free text used for tracking the transaction. Possible use case is sending the link to different mailing lists and tracking each mailing list's response. [read more]
    8. Edit option for several attendee fields: Contact, Attendee Name, Attendee Role, Custom Question Answers.
    9. Addition of an Profile Image to be used with social site share messages.
    10. Additional Information > SEO Meta Tags: To be used for search engine and social site inclusion. [read more]
    Minor Additions:
    1. Discount Plans: Addition of "Discount Type per Total or Item". Allowing for addition of discounts per ticket or the entire level or event.
    2. Addition of several native widgets:
      • Add to Calendar
      • YouTube Video
      • Facebook Share
      • Facebook Recommend
    3. Messages: Removal of Emails from the messages section allowing for unlimited number of messages to be created based on various conditions using the "Registration Emails" tab.
    4. Addition of Latitude & Longitude option to the Google Map display.
    5. Addition of Pre-Start message for event
    6. Addition of time zone next to date fields to minimize confusion about user settings.
    7. Check-in & Check-out > Start Date / Time: Check-in / Check-out time for Swiper1 independent of the Event Start & End time.
    8. Report column fields: The following fields are added to the reports
      • Registrant Contact ID
      • Attendee Contact ID
      • Registration ID
      • Data is based on registration information & NOT the contact information allowing for reports to be downloaded even when the registrant or attendee are not yet assigned to a contact.
      • Tracker
      • Attendee Role
      • Registration site name
    9. Permission Sets: A number of permission sets are included:
      • PS-CnP-Event-All-Permissions
        The user may perform all tasks associated with event.[/I] Additional permissions may be needed for the Salesforce standard objects.
      • PS-CnP-Event-ONLY-BoxOffice
        The user may only use the Box Office. User will NOT be able to create, edit, and update an event.[/I] Additional permissions may be needed for the Salesforce standard objects.
    1. Page layout & UI enhancements in almost every page
    2. Moved the location information from the "Additional Information" tab to the "Basic Tab".
    3. Increase of tickets included with each level from 12 to 25
    4. No inventory check if "Registration Timeout" is set to 0. By not monitoring inventory no cookies will be used and iframe in Safari & Opera will work.
    5. Event "End Date" is no longer checked against level end date making it easier to stop registration without having to change the end date of each level.
    6. Discount Plans: Registration Form Label > the name as it appears next to the coupon code. In the previous releases the label was fixed as "Coupon Code". It may be customized using this field.
    7. Box Office: Event start & end date will no longer apply to the box office. Box Office may be used at any time, before start or after end date, for registration.
    8. Tickets: Sending emails or tickets are no longer set with tickets as they are independently designed and set up based on various parameters in the "Registration Emails" tab.
    9. Registration Emails: Addition of Order Number, Organization Name to the email wildcard list.
    10. Addition of a number of permission sets for granting various access levels to users.
    11. Inclusion of registration source in the report, e.g. site (form name) or box office.
    12. Addition of "Target" to the iframe code allowing for the listing page to open an event on the same tab or a different tab.
    13. Declined order number included in the registrant record.
    14. Linking the "Order Number" to the transaction as listed in the "C&P Transaction" tab. The order number will be linked to the C&P Temporary Contact if the contact is in temp.
    15. Changing the "Same as attendee" in the registration form to radio button if the number of attendees is less than or equal to 10. More than 10 attendees will be shown in a drop down menu.
    16. Removal of the "Published Date" from the event basic tab. Publish date will no longer be used as it is now built into the overall behavior of various date fields.
    17. Removal of "Public Site URL" for each event. A single site is used for all events. The "Public Site URL" is set up in the Default Settings tab and used by all events. Existing events will continue to use the set URL but all new events will use the default URL as their base.
    18. Change of the registration form labels showing the attendee role / designation to the "Next" button. The button will now show: "AddTable Captain" if the role is labeled as "Table Captain".
    19. Addition of "Browser Tab Title" for all registration & listing sites. The additional field helps with customizing the tab name for each registration site.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Maximum viewstate error in the custom questions when custom questions exceeded 50 per level with 20 levels in the event.
    • Display issue when more than 1000 discount plans are uploaded for an event.
    • Blocking duplicate maps to the same field in the Registration Sites > Form Fields
    Behind the Scene:
    • Complete removal of legacy code of release 1.x
    • More than 30 minor enhancement and unification of code & design
    Additional Comments:

    The release has been tested extensively with the following limits for an event. The listed counts are not necessarily the limits of the application but the extend that we have tested the Salesforce's limits.
    • Tickets included increasing to 25 from 12
    • Levels: 200
    • Custom Questions: 2500
    • Mapped Contact Fields: 2500
    • Tickets Included per level: 25
    • Tickets per registration: 100
    • Total attendees for a single event: 60,000
    • Registrant & attendee emails: The post-installation script creates an email for the "Registrant" & "Attendee" based on the emails in the "Messages" section of the prior release. These emails are set to behave as the old release but are inactive by default. Each event needs to be reviewed and if the emails are to be sent they need to be set to active and saved, otherwise no emails will be sent out after the upgrade.
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    Where can you find the link to upgrade?


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      Good day @KMartin,

      You can upgrade any of our apps by simply go to the C&P Settings > About C&P Apps and click on Synchronize. You will be presented with the version you currently have and what is available. An upgrade link will be present next to release notes if an upgrade is available.

      You may also post your request to this channel and we will upgrade you for free:

      If you wish for us to upgrade you please make sure to post the Salesforce Organization ID and grant us login access. Details are given in the upgrade channel.

      Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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        Thank you! I am upgrading now.