Release date: February 22, 2014
Version #:

New Features:
  • Campaign list and icon view: By clicking on the list view, campaigns will show up as text listing instead of icon view.

  • Mail page: Campaign icon shows Donation Now button at the bottom of the icon instead of being shown at the top of the icon.
  • Fundraiser profile updated to a new design making it look different than the organization's profile
  • Leaderboard does not show fundraisers that have not raised any money. Prior to this release the top 10 could include fundraisers that have raised $0 if the total number of fundraisers that have raised money was less than 10.
  • Our Fundraisers: The list shows fundraisers in the descending order of becoming a fundraiser. The newest fundraisers show at the top of the list.
  • Donation form shows the complete listing of options instead of the selected amount from the campaign page.