Release Date: December 19, 2013
Version #: 8.1008

New Features:
  • Invoicing
  • Broadcaster + Mail Chimp
  • General Ledger
  • C&P Pledge
  • About sub tab at C&P Settings
  • Autoresponder Designer images through Salesforce
  • Mapping options for Saving the Contact fields
  • Internal Notifications for the VT Transaction
  • Custom Question Mapping Date field variable [ Ref: SPP 504 ]
  • Adding Tax Deductible Portion $ to Opportunity & Product [Ref: SPP 686]

  • Opportunity Stage for the Preauthorization Transactions
  • Email valid characters enhancement - SPP 682
  • C&P SMTP Sender by default for sending the Autoresponder's
  • eVT updates (For Temp record process , eVT settings should work..NOT the common settings)
  • At Virtual Terminal
    • Collapsable functionality removed for the Receipt section
    • Removing Invoice as Payment option

  • At Autoresponder
    • Inserting images from Local system
    • AND /OR Conditions
    • Multi Account Selection
    • More options for Recurring Transactions
    • C&P SMTP Sender

  • Auto scheduled job record creation
  • Log order by Sent Date (at Tab , earlier its Random one)
  • Sender Email Change to User Name, instead of Settings Email Address

Bug Fixes:
  • SPP486: Account Record Type-at NPSP Environment.
  • SPP242: At VT item Campaign CDATA Issue.
  • SPP411: In-active Sales Process Opportunity Stages are showing up at Settings area (Opportunity Settlements).
  • SPP493: Map key Test_Account_Geolocation__Latitude__s not found in map.
  • SPP495: Person Account selection- showing up contact record type also.
  • SPP497: with future date credit card/ eCheck transaction issue.
  • SPP496: At Person Account, Custom Question Map Field Settings. Are not working for Contact Object.
  • SPP498: Reports should consider Charge Date, instead of Transaction date.
  • SPP542: getting <@CnP_Convenience_Fee> in autoresponder mail receipt when if inconvenience fee is zero.
  • SPP557: Soft Credit is getting created with Tax, Shipping, Convenience and Discount.
  • SPP576: Can you make this meaningful at custom question mapping.
  • SPP588: Contact Matching for Email.
  • SPP631: SF VT loading Payment for as NaN
  • SPP633: View limit size