Release date: September 21, 2009

New Features:

  • The optional “LastPaymentDate” may be used in place of Installments when an end date for a recurring payment is needed. In certain forms a donor may want to choose a recurring option where an end date is selected rather than the number of payments. End date has the following attributes:
  • LastPaymentDate: dd/mm/yy

End date may also be broken down into its elements as follows:
  • LastPaymentDateYear
  • LastPaymentDateMonth
  • LastPaymentDateDay

  • Account information may be combined through AccountToken. AccountToken format is as follows:
  • AccountToken: AccountGuid/AccountID/CheckoutPageID/Tracker

If CheckOutPageID is not needed use -1 as the value
  • AccountToken: AccountGuid/AccountID/-1/Tracker

AccountToken is useful when a form needs to post all account information fields as an option. For example an organization may have three accounts and wants to use one donation form to accept donations for all three accounts giving the donor the option for donating to a specific account, e.g. Foundation, PAC, and Building Fund. In this case a radio button may be used and AccountToken will be used to pass the account information with each radio button.