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Release 2.9.2: Adding fraud detection, Restrictions, and Recurring end date

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  • Release 2.9.2: Adding fraud detection, Restrictions, and Recurring end date

    Date: September 21, 2009

    Actions Required:

    • No action necessary. All changes are backward compatible.

    New Features:
    • Recurring.EndDate: An additional optional node is available for processing recurring transactions. Prior to this release the following 2 nodes were required for a recurring transaction: Installment, Periodicity. Installment is the number of times a transaction has to replicated in the given period. In certain applications installment is not the way users interact with the system and would like to indicate when a recurring payment should end. For example instead of indicating that one wishes to make a payment for 12 times, the user may want to indicate that the payment should not continue after January 30, 2010. In this case instead of calculating Installment one may post the end date as 01/30/10. [Learn more]
    • Operation.DeclineFraud: An expertimental feature which will be enabled soon for merchant accounts. The in-house accounts will follow the decline policy as set by Click & Pledge. Merchant accounts may enable the feature. If enabled, the system will check against a number of services and internal algorithm to detect probability of fraud. The result of the fraud algorithm is also available as output. The output is the detailed analysis & output by MaxMind. [Learn more]
    • Operation.EnableRestriction: Country and state restrictions may be enabled in the administrative system and applied to the API transactions. Once enabled, payments originating from the restricted states & countries will decline. The IP address needs to be passed correctly since country will be based on the IP address. [Learn more]

    Feature Changes
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