Release Date: September 6, 2009
Version #: 1.2

FaaS service design is based on simplifying processing payments through simple forms without any need for additional programming. Based on this requirement a problem presents itself when donation forms have donation amounts listed as radio buttons with an additional field which is typically labeled as OTHER.

To help with the “OTHER” field problem the OTHER provision is now a feature of FaaS:

In the above scenario a radio form field passes UnitPrice as the value of the radio field. If the value which is passed by the UnitPrice is “OTHER” then FaaS looks for the amount which is in a text field labeled “OTHER”.
The following is a sample HTML demonstrating the above presentation:

If the radio button option for Other is selected, the Other field text value will be used by FaaS as the value passed. Using UnitDedutiblePercentage the tax deductible portion may be passed as the tax deductible portion as a percentage.

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