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Release 1.60: Enhancement to Third Party integration

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  • Release 1.60: Enhancement to Third Party integration

    Release Date: September 3, 2009
    Version: 1.60

    Actions Required:

    No action needed. Changes are backward compatible.

    New Features:

    Integrating ThirdParty nodes with the checkout pages. Through the integration 3rd party integrations follow the settings of the checkout page. For example if Salesforce is enabled for a checkout page, the API will automatically post the information to Salesforce without any need for adding the Salesforce to the XML post. For ConstantContact and MailChimp the userID & Password are optional and only the list names are mandatory.
    A number of enhancements are made to the fraud detection and monitoring services.

    Feature Changes

    Removal of UserID & Password from the Authentication node. Reducing authentication information to two nodes instead of four does not reduce the security of the system. AccountGUID and AccountID are the only two nodes required for authenticating the API account. To ensure backward compatibility, UserID & Password may be passed to the PaaS services for authentication. If UserID & Password are passed in the XML the values have to be correct otherwise authentication will fail.
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