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Release 1.5: <ShippingTax> node added

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  • Release 1.5: <ShippingTax> node added

    Release Date: July 30, 2009

    Actions Required:
    • No action required. Update is automatic.

    New Features:
    • Added < ShippingTax > child node to the < Shipping > node. In the absence of this node < TotalTax > could not be calculated correctly when shipping tax was being added. This node is optional and no change needs to be made to existing integrations.

    Behavior Changes:
    • Receipts will be emailed to notification emails when < SendReceipt > node is set to false. When the node is set to false the patron will NOT receive an email but the notification emails for the account will receive the receipt. A copy of the receipt will also be saved in the system for review in the administrative system. Prior to this update when the node was set to false no emails were being sent to the notfication emails of the account and no receipts were being saved.

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