The following releases are under constant development & update. Beta releases are tested prior to becoming publicly available so they may be installed in live instances but need to be updated frequently with each beta release. We recommend subscribing to this Forum Channel to receive notification of each update. Updates are frequent so please keep that in mind when switching to the beta release. Installed beta releases may not be reverted back to the production version.

Donor Management (Payment-as-a-Service):

Release Date: July 8, 2020
Version #: 9.2006220113
Installation Link:

  • Addition of Zoom Meetings/Webinar information in C&P Transaction
  • Addition of Asynchronous processing of Temporary Contacts when any of the Account, Contact, or Opportunity objects includes more than 100 custom fields. In the presence of 100+ custom fields processing contacts and custom settings/mappings generates timeout errors in Salesforce but with asynchronous processing we have been able to accomodate extensive mapping conditions without error. Asynchronous processing is automatically set during post installation if the count of custom fields is greater than 100 for any of the stated objects.
  • Bug fix: Issue credit in a recurring transaction was not working when the card had expired. Some banks allow for credit to be issued on an expired credit card. With this update, recurring transactions whose card have expired may now be issued credit.
  • Update to the GoToWebinar API
  • Various UI changes, bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Event Management

Release Date: July 6, 2020
Version #: 5.2007120028
Installation Link:

  • Removal of Single Widget allowing for HTML code to be inserted in the page. Salesforce security updates blocks the feature.
  • Permission sets were updated to allow the assigned profile to perform more required functions.
  • Extending the custom question field size from 80 to 200. To accomodate this feature, a new field has been to the CnP_PaaS_EVT__Attendee_custom_information__c object with "C&P Event Questions & Answer" as the label. Change requested through:
  • Various UI changes, bug fixes and performance enhancements.