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Interested in Joining the Beta Program?

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  • Interested in Joining the Beta Program?

    The team is preparing for the launch of the closed Beta testing for the new Click & Pledge Salesforce app, Click & Pay (version 10.X).

    Joining the Beta testing requires knowledge of Click & Pledge’s CONNECT platform and the current Salesforce apps (version 9.X)

    Would you like to Participate? If so, please confirm by emailing [email protected]

    There are a few things you need to know:

    1: Beta testing will be conducted for one month.

    2: Create a Salesforce Sandbox for testing.The app may not be installed and tested in a production instance.

    After creating your Sandbox, create a Salesforce System Admin user in the Sandbox for Click & Pledge with the following attributes.Click & Pledge will install Click & Pay in your Sandbox and perform the post install. We will notify you when installation is complete.

    3: A temporary Click & Pledge test account has been created for you to use during the Beta Testing. Your test account will be visible when you login to the administrative portal ( A pull down menu will show you all available accounts your userid has access to, including the Beta Testing account.

    4: You will need to attend an introductory webinar on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Please contact support for details.

    5: You are invited to join an exclusive group in the Click & Pledge Forums for discussion of the Click & Pay Suite. If you are not a member of Click & Pledge Forums, you will need to sign up at

    Post all your questions to this forum. Questions regarding the beta testing are only answered in this forum. Please do NOT email support or ask questions during the live support. Due to the nature of beta testing, this site is the only source for Q&A.

    We are excited that you are joining us for Beta testing and look forward to working with you during the testing period.
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    Join us @ the educational webinars:
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